Postojna cave

Postojna Cave is the most famous cave in the world. It is famous as one of the largest karst monuments and is at the same time the only underground world through which you can travel by electric train. In the famous cave you can see up close its most famous inhabitant – the human fish. The most beautiful parts of Postojna Cave were discovered in 1818 by the local Luka Čeč. With this extraordinary discovery, Postojna soon entered the map of world sights and in 1909, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it also received city rights. You will learn how the discovery of this natural wonder shaped the development of the city and what ups and downs Postojna has experienced throughout history on the guided Citizens’ Promenade. First, you will visit the famous Postojna Cave in a 1.5-hour underground visit. Enthusiastic about its beauty, you will then walk through a kilometer-long tree-lined avenue to the city, where a local guide will present the once vibrant image of the city, marked by majestic buildings and famous townspeople. Today, Postojna is the world center of karstology.