Who We Are?

Who we are

The Sunrise Hill glamping and camping is a family-run business, located near the small village called Drskovče which lays a couple of km out of town called Pivka by the road towards Ilirska Bistrica. We are offering classic camping as well as staying in traditional wooden glamping houses. Because of the camps beautiful location, the Sunrise hill is a perfect go-to for people, who enjoy spending their time outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and untouched nature. Its location lays just between the Stoney Karst landscape and the green Inner forests. Our team believes we can find something interesting for everyone, for instance, seasonal lakes and rivers that inspire every nature lover and the green flowery fields that appear when lakes and rivers disappear. The Sunrise Hill invites everyone, from more athletic types, which get the chance to use hiking and biking trails, that connect our natural and cultural attractions, the calm and peaceful guests, which enjoy the peace and silence and appreciate the beautiful view of the mountains and the untouched nature around them. Animal lovers are also welcome. There is an Icelandic horses ranch next to the camp and the horses freely graze in the pastures around the camp during summer time. It truly is a sight to see.

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